10 Hidden Benefits Of Wearing Lingerie


Life is busy and thoughts of sexy underwear can certainly take a bit of a back seat. Particularly as it can be so expensive for an item rarely seen. Are the benefits of wearing lingerie worth it?

I feel we may be doing ourselves a massive disservice, and it’s high time we remind ourselves of why this is such a great investment for our own inner-self.


10 Benefits Of Wearing Lingerie

Deep down we all know that buying some beautiful pieces of luxury lingerie is a great investment in ourselves. Not only will sexy underwear make you feel more confident, empowered and desirable, it’s also a tantilising feeling to know that you have a seductive secret hidden under your outer clothes.

You may know some of these benefits of wearing lingerie already, however it’s so easy to sometimes forget to ‘do what you know’.

1. Expensive Lingerie Is Made To Last

The most precious fabrics, finest silks and lace that are used to make luxury lingerie are the highest quality materials that are made to last a long time. Semi precious stones and other accessories often decorating the garment are carefully selected to allow you to enjoy your underwear for longer.

Quality fabrics wash better, hold their shape and will not distort or fall apart after couple of washes. You can further prolong life of your lingerie by either hand washing or placing them in a pillow case when machine washing.

Using draw organizers to keep everything neat, tidy and un-creased is also an excellent idea.

As with outer clothing, the quality of the materials usually plays a big part in the garments comfort. How many times you tried on underwear that despite the correct sizing will still not fit you right? Or had some awful itchy material that just irritates your skin rather than doing it’s job and making you feel sensual?

2. Sexy Underwear Is A Confidence Booster

As the saying goes, ‘what you wear underneath matters‘. And it is so true! Each time I put my beautifully crafted lingerie on I literally feel like a goddess. You will love the amazing feeling of self confidence that sexy underwear can give, filling you up with a special warm inner glow. A welcome spell of sunshine on a cold cloudy day.

Luxury lingerie is truly empowering and there is this kind of ravishing, sensuous sensation you will get when wearing it. Your underwear can give you a huge boost of confidence, improve your mood and make you feel great throughout the day.

3. Lingerie Is Always In Fashion

Lingerie does not tend to go out of fashion. Made of lush, precious fabrics, your underwear can see you through years of careful use. Despite the style or era it comes from, it will always remain and look beautiful.

Although general design and overall construction methods have changed over the years, vintage lingerie is timeless and goes hand-in-hand with the modern day luxury. Even older vintage pieces are still be wearable even today.

4. Sexy Underwear Shopping Is Fun

Had a tough day at work? Feeling down, unloved, unappreciated? Treat yourself to an exciting sexy underwear shopping experience. You deserve it.

When there are so many breath taking styles to choose from how can you resist? Plan a trip to some exciting lingerie boutiques, grab a friend and have yourself a relaxing and enjoyable day out. Your mind will start to clear and you can simply enjoy the moment.

Make the most of your shopping by allowing yourself enough time to browse through, carefully selecting the lingerie sets that jump out at you. Enjoy trying them all on.

Don’t forget to take a break for an espresso and a slice of indulgent cake (the extra energy always helps), perhaps even a cheeky glass of champagne.

5. Lingerie Makes Everyday A Special Occasion

Sexy underwear often has a misconception of being a ‘special occasion sexy wear’, which it is, but can it not be worn everyday?

You don’t have to wait for that special occasion, the honeymoon, or date night to finally dig out your pretty lingerie from the deepest corner of your closet and dress yourself up. Do not limit yourself, wear your luxurious underwear every day and enjoy it. Life’s too short not to.

Wear it to work, when you’re out and about or meeting up with friends. It will make you feel extra-special and maybe a little bit playful due to the thought that no one knows the reason of your confidence.

6. Fits You Like It’s Tailor Made

When it comes to choosing between expensive high quality or similar looking but much cheaper made lingerie I personally always opt for the more expensive.

Expensive lingerie normally lasts longer, washes better and holds its shape. It also better embraces your body, giving it the most comfortable feel.

Feather soft silky fabrics, brushing against your skin, will create a sense of lightness. This is why luxury lingerie can and should be your everyday wear. It’s all about quality, comfort and fit.

7. The Perfect Foundation For Your Outfit

It is important for your underwear to be a perfect fit. I personally get frustrated if it begins to show through my outer clothes, producing all sorts of unflattering lumps and bumps.

Cheap low quality underwear can stick out round the edges and will show from under your outfit. Whereas good quality lingerie can be a perfect base for your outwear. It will sit nicely on your body making your outer clothes appear more flattering on you.

8. Investing In Your Feminine Self

You work hard building your career, perhaps becoming a perfect mother, partner, lover and friend. You can oh-so-easily overlook yourself.

We all must remember to compliment ourselves, love ourselves for who we are and award ourselves for our achievements?

The feeling that comes from doing something just for yourself, treating yourself to something nice, something special, just because you worked so hard, is rewarding.

So why not invest into a glamorous set of luxury lingerie and surround yourself with a bit of an extravagance? immerse yourself into this beautiful feeling of self esteem.

Love yourself, because happiness originates from within.

9. Create A Long Lasting Impression

Not sure about you, but I love to be in the centre of attention. Especially on those ‘full of confidence’ days, when I feel happy with myself and my life, when it feels like I am wearing the most perfect outfit and smell of the most divine fragrance.

On those days it seems like I am on a cloud-nine surrounded with an aura of positive energy. My face lights up, my eyes shine and my body posture screams positivity and confidence. Every person I meet smiles at me and greets me good morning.

Luxurious lingerie gives me exactly that. It fills me up with positive emotion. This boost can make a long lasting impression on those around you.

Dress up for someone you love, for the man or woman in your life and make that special night a night to remember. Pick the finest lingerie you have and let your partner admire your form.

Use this little intimate weapon to ignite your fantasies and create a long lasting memories that you would both treasure for the years to come.

10. Lingerie Is Gift That Keeps On Giving

Invest in someones else’s future empowered self. Lingerie is sometimes considered a rather daring gift. In my opinion it’s perfect for a number of occasions such as birthdays, weddings, valentines, Christmas, or simply ‘just because’.

You need to ensure you know the measurements of the lucky recipient in advance. Either by discreetly asking them or their closest friend, or maybe secretly rooting around their lingerie drawer for sizing if you know them well enough.

Pick something that you feel THEY will feel good in.

Finally, ensure you obtain a gift receipt. It’s possible there might be a problem with the fitting or something they don’t like so they can easily return it if need be.


It’s far too easy to allow yourself to live day-to-day in mediocre undies and maybe dress-up in sexy underwear occasionally. The benefits of wearing lingerie are too numerous to ignore. Why would you not invest in something beautiful that can make you feel amazing every day?

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