Best Shapewear For A Bodycon Dress


It’s not always as easy as it seems to love every inch and curve of your body. Even the most confident person can have days where they feel bloated and un-glamorous. Sometimes we simply have to grit our teeth and ‘power through’ for a special occasion. The the rise of the bodycon dress has made these days even harder for those feeling a little more self-conscious that usual..

If you’re looking down the barrel of one of those days, and you want to know how you can feel and look good in that bodycon dress you loved so much on the hanger the answer you have been looking for is shapewear. That’s right! The best shapewear for a bodycon dress can ensure you look and feel fabulous in even the tightest dress.

What IS The Best Shapewear For A Bodycon Dress?

Before we dive right in, here is a summary of the 10 best shapewear for a bodycon dress that we will be fully reviewing today.

  1. SPANX Haute Coutour Nouveau Slip
  2. HEIST The Outer Shaping Bodysuit
  3. SPANX Haute Coutour Nouveau High-Waisted Shorts
  4. SPANX OnCore High-Waist Briefs
  5. SPANX Under Sculpture High-Rise Control Shorts
  6. SPANX Thinstincts Bodysuit
  7. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Stretch-Jersey Thong Bodysuit
  8. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Convertible Stretch Bodysuit
  9. WOLFORD Sheer Touch Forming Skirt
  10. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Stretch Bodysuit

What Is A Bodycon Dress?

Originally bursting onto the fashion scene in the ’90s, the bodycon dress, coming both from the term ‘body-conscious’ and the Japanese ‘bodikon’, was the anthesis of everything that had come before.

By clinging to the curves it let women own their shape, and, with all the body positivity in the air, is pretty much the ideal dress for this day and age. Coming in varying lengths, styles, colours, and materials these dresses are some of the easiest to find on the high street, and they really can suit every body type.

Can A Bodycon Dress Make You Look Slimmer?

Despite claims to the contrary, wearing a bodycon dress won’t make you look significantly slimmer even if you make the most of contouring fashion designs. What a bodycon dress does do is highlight your shape; if you’re rail thin it will show this, if you’re curvy, it will show that.

Bodycon dresses can be very flattering on plus-sized ladies for just this reason; by clinging to your natural curves it highlights rather than obscures your shape. So while a floaty dress may simply make you look bigger than you are, a bodycon dress will show off your killer curves. All you need to do is choose the right one for you!

Choosing The Right Shapewear

These days shapewear comes in all shapes, sizes, strengths, and is made from a variety of materials (both natural and man-made). With more choice than ever before, it makes sense to ensure you have the best shapewear for a bodycon dress (or any outfit, really) to hand. After all, we all need a little help to feel as good as we look from time to time.

When choosing the right shapewear for any outfit you should consider:

  • The cut
  • The material
  • The colour
  • The rigidity

When you get these four things right, you are sure to have shapewear that makes you feel like a goddess. Of course there are other details to consider, as certain brands seem to habitually excel (not all shapewear was created equal, it seems).

Shapewear For A Bodycon Dress: Our Top 10 Picks

As any bodcon dress can vary slightly in fit and style, the best shapewear for a bodycon dress can also vary in design to ensure maximum fit. After a fair bit of research for this article, I have complied 10 shapewear examples. Each piece will smooth lines, enhance your figure and most importantly; boost your confidence!

1. SPANX Haute Coutour Nouveau Slip

Spanx is the iconic shapewear brand so it’s no surprise that it has multiple entries on this list. The Haute Coutour Nouveau Slip is a classic, lightweight slip style piece of shapewear which will fit seamlessly under any bodycon dress which has slim straps or above.

Coming only in black it is not suited for strapless dresses or pale dresses through which its colour could be seen. Best for those seeking a smooth silhouette to make you feel like a movie star.

2. HEIST The Outer Shaping Bodysuit

Available in dark beige, ballet slipper pink or black, the Outer Shaping Bodysuit is a medium control bodysuit with a v-shaped neckline and tapering straps.

While it does provide a seamless, chafe-free experience, the shape of the neckline and straps make it best for dresses with higher necks and thick straps or sleeves. Likewise the bikini-brief shaped bottom may create a panty-line for women who are particularly blessed in this department.

3. SPANX Haute Coutour Nouveau High-Waisted Shorts

These medium control, high-waisted shorts are perfect for going under a longer bodycon dress and really work for people who want to accentuate their waists and raise their rears.

Thanks to the bottom only style they can be paired with any neckline but may restrict colour choices as they are only available in black.

4. SPANX OnCore High-Waist Briefs

This firm control, high-waisted brief style shapewear from Spanx can be worn with literally any bodycon dress! The ballet slipper pink colour is less intrusive than pure white, so while it is best worn with light colours, it won’t embarrass you if you wear a black dress.

Stretching from the line of your bra down, this shapewear smooths the silhouette, defines the waist, and should not cause any VPL unless you are particularly pear-shaped.

5. SPANX Under Sculpture High-Rise Control Shorts

Modelled after Victorian corsetry with all the comfort of modern shapewear, the High-Rise Control Shorts is available in pink or black. This Spanx garment is dynamic and flexible in it’s application. The firm control provided by the corset top smooths and slims the waist and belly (though there are no ties so you won’t be able to exaggerate your waist).

Lighter control on the bottom slims and smooths the thighs without creating a mid-thigh bulge on curvy women. This is perfect for a bodycon dresses made of a light clinging material that will not show the seams and hooks of the mid saction of the shapewear.

6. SPANX Thinstincts Bodysuit

For those whose main concern is bottom, tum, & thigh area. The light control provided by Spanx’s Thinstincts Bodysuit is perfect. The low cut front makes it suit most necklines, as long as the dress has some form of strap to hide the straps of the shapewear (that helpfully prevent it from rolling down).

With slightly firmer control around the waist, this is a good sculpting option for those who want just a little help on their less confident days.

7. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Stretch-Jersey Thong Bodysuit

Designed for the shortest of bodycon dresses and the curviest of rears, the Spanx Suit Your Fancy Thong Bodysuit will let your behind do its thing. Padded cups will give you a cleavage to die for.

The straps are thin, but the cup shape on this ballet pink shapewear means it is best worn with a dress that has slightly thicker straps for total concealment.

8. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Convertible Stretch Bodysuit

Perhaps the most dynamic of the options on this list. Spanx’s Convertible Bodysuit has padded, supportive cups to sculpt and lift the breasts. It also has a panel to lift and enhance the bottom, and slimming legs which terminate at mid-thigh.

The straps can be removed, so it can be worn with almost any bodycon dress which sits at mid-thigh or lower. Available only in black, this is an otherwise versatile option.

9. WOLFORD Sheer Touch Forming Skirt

Sumptuously soft, powder pink, and offering firm control, the Wolford Sheer Touch Forming Skirt is not your grandmas slip! Perfect for all but the shortest of bodycon dresses it sits just above mid-thigh on most people and will eliminate panty lines while smoothing the waist and stomach.

10. SPANX Suit Your Fancy Stretch Bodysuit

Stretching from under the bra line to mid-calf, this light to medium control bodysuit is made from a single later of stretch fabric that breathes well and feels like silk against the skin.

While the lowcut top makes it perfect for all necklines, the almost full-length bottom half means that this can really only be worn with a maxi bodycon dress. Like many Spanx products this bodysuit only comes in black.

How To Look Good In A Bodycon dress

Because of the clinging nature of the design, bodycon dresses can be viewed as trashy. If you choose a cheap dress or one that doesn’t suit they certain can give of an undesired look.

However, they can also look sexy, sophisticated, and elegant; all you need to do is invest in a dress that works for you. This is easier said than done, of course, but there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that you get a good dress for your shape every time.

Consider Your Height:

Tall women have it in the bag when it comes to bodycon dresses; pretty much any length agrees with them, but if you’re a 5″2 firestarter you should think about either a maxi dress (they really do suit everyone) or something that sits at least an inch above the knee.

Think About Your Shape:

Curvy girls are at an advantage when it comes to this style; whether you’re hourglass or pear-shaped you already have what you need to rock this kind of dress. If you’re self-conscious about your stomach consider a peplum waist for peace of mind. Skinnier women should either choose a structured dress to enhance curves or a very plain one which can be accessorised.

Choose the Right Pattern/Colour:

As you may have heard, horizontal stripes are best avoided if you’re already curvy whereas vertical stripes will add a bit of length to your body. Choose darker colours if you want to look a little slimmer, or bright colours if you’re ready to be the centre of attention.

Accessorise Well:

A well-placed belt or jacket can enhance natural assets and balance out your body shape.

Get the Right Shapewear:

The right shapewear will absolutely make you look and feel amazing by smoothing out VPL’s and little lumps and bumps.


Just as there is no single best bodycon dress, there is no single piece of shapewear that will suit all people. When selecting best shapewear for a bodycon dress it’s best that you try a few on to get to grips of what works for you. Remember that it has to feel good as well as look good; you could be wearing it for a while under that dress!

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